Sunny Metal, Inc. is a leading worldwide provider of metallic wool, fibers, acoustic media, sintered metal fleece, Diesel particulate filters, and high temp filters. Founded in 1991, the company possesses a global sales network with a strong R&D capacity. SUNNY METAL serves customers in the automotive brake markets, diesel exhaust treatment, industrial filtration, and automotive muffler markets.

To keep up with the global demand for a products, in 2005 we purchased International Steel Wool Inc. of the USA to expand our capacity for the friction material industry, automotive exhaust muffler packing, and steel wool products. We have also been engaged in constant efforts to develop products for highly demanding OEM and aftermarket applications. Now we are cooperating with two leading global friction material companies to develop new high performance and environmentally friendly green metal fibers. Serial engineered lubricants based on graphite and metal sulfides are also under development.

Research & development

Sunny Metal’s growth is contributed to its commitment to Research & Development. 

Our team of over 30 engineers have  advanced degrees and extensive experience in metallurgy, diesel engine emissions, product development, mechanical engineering and electrical control. From building our first steel wool machine, to designing a new method for fiber production, developing our own sintered metal fleece and now developing a Diesel Particulate Filter, the sky is the limit on what our engineers can accomplish.