flat end steel fiber

Both sides of the fiber are big and broad-extended flat heads with a bow of style, integrated cross section deformation with form distortion together, increased the steel fiber's another strength in concrete and reinforced concrete. Therefore, possesses a higher bending and tensile trength and bending malleability. However, it has taken into consideration that the steel fiber has a high tensile strength. It is good for the concrete heavy mixture and jet construction. The fiber also has a high distribution density and homogeneity on account of its small equivalent diameter and optimality aspect ration. The product is in line with US ASTM A820 and China JG/T 3064 criteria.


    • Construction project: housing construction, ready-made pile, framework node, roof and underground waterproof.

      Pipeline project: centrifugal tube.vibrated&extruded tube, pump tube, steel fiber concrete, pressure pipe with steel liner.

      Highway & bridge project: box arch bridge and ring, continuous box beam, bridge surface.

      Tunnel and pit project: hydraulic tunnel lining, pit channel, rail way & highway tunnel lining.

      Road and airport road surface: road surface, road surface in congealed area, airport road surface.

      Railway project: prestressed railway sleeper and double railway sleeper.

      Hydraulic and electrohydraulic project: location of water scouring abrasion, throttle valve, brake tank, aqueduct, large dam infiltration preventive faceplate.

      Port term and marine project: steel pipe pile corrosion resistant coating, terminal utilities and submarine concrete facilities.

      Others: heavy-loaded industrial workshop building ground and warehouse ground thin-walled resevoir structure/bin, maintenance and reinforcement projects, buried cable/pipe duct well cover sewage cover.