sintered metal fleece

Sunny Metal is the largest manufacturer of sintered metal fiber fleece and sintered fiber products with a capacity of 800,000 ㎡. Our metal fleece is produced using our own fabricated metal fibers to maximize efficiencies depending on your filtration applications. Our SM Metal media can be comprised of a variety of metal fiber shapes and types that are diffusion bonded under high temperatures and a controlled atmosphere. Our media is widely used for many automotive and high temperature filtration applications.


Ideal for extreme conditions: high temperature, high pressure and corrosive atmospheres.

  • • Media can be designed for Depth filtration or Surface filtration

  • • Filtration efficiency up to 99%

  • • High porosity up to 85%

  • • Low back pressure

  • • High gel shear from sharp edged fibers

  • • Economic replacement of higher cost media

  • • Long on stream service life

  • • Thermal resistant up to 1000ºC

  • • Stainless steel FeCrAl is our standard material, but 300 and 400 series Stainless steel is also available

  • • Fibers are available in sizes from 1.5 microns to 200 microns.

  • • Electrically conductive

  • • Ductile, weldable, pleatable and easily fabricated to many shapes and size

Flat & Pleated Sheets
Fleece cross section
Fiber Microstructure