Stainless MATERIALS for Exhaust SYSTEMS

Stainless steel wool is a common media used by many automotive and motorcycle muffler manufacturers to absorb or alternate sound from gasoline engines.   Our stainless steel wool has been used by major OE and aftermarket manufacturers throughout the world.

Our SUN-HT Fiber Fleer product is an advanced product that is comprised of sintered fibers that form a continuous mat or fleece for those high temperature exhaust applications that exceed 1000° C.   We are a vertically integrated manufacturer and can produce a wide range of fibers (round, shaved, curled, straight, etc) from many different types of stainless steel alloys to meet your OEM or custom application. 

Product characteristics of Stainless steel wool:

  • Continuous ribbon of Stainless steel wool, Type AISI 434
  • Three common grades: Fine(50 micron), Medium (80 micron), Coarse (120 micron)
  • Density is controlled and specified in grams per linear meter
  • Excellent media source for noise reduction, and heat insulation
  • Heat Resistance up to to 850 c
  • Typical Reel size is 4” wide and ¼” thick ribbon in 5 lb or 10 lb rolls (other sizes available)
  • 5lb roll consists of approximately 125’ linear feet of continuous steel wool ribbon
  • Highly Resistant to Exhaust Acids and High Vibration, Making it an Excellent Material for Muffler Baffling.

Texsteel ® Stainless Steel Wool:

  • Consists of multiple cross layers of stainless steel wool with mechanical bonding.
  • Provides added strength and most consistent density for exhaust applications.
  • Bulk roll widths up to 60”or die cut to specific size
  • Thickness from ¼” up to 1”

Custom Tubes and Packing:

  • Stainless steel wool tube made to your exact specifications for pipe length or diameter. 
  • Multiple tube assembly and combination of basalt wool or other media depending on your specifications.
  • Beneficial to reduce labor and installation costs.

Technical Performance:



Highest operating temperature (℃)

Noise frequency (Hz)/
noise absorption (%)




Stainless steel Wool

AISI 434





Type 434 Typical Chemistry:

C 0.12% max. ; Si 1.0% max. ; Mn 1.0% max. ; S 0.03% max. ;P 0.04% max. ; Cr 16.0 - 18.0% max. ; Mo 1.25% max.; Fe-balance.