Sunny-Metal PARTIAL-FLOW DPF      


  • Our new Sunny-Metal DPF with PARTIAL FLOW construction and versatile packaging is a brilliant choice for future emissions solutions. Our patented design is comprised of high temperature and corrosion resistant sintered metal fleece that will withstand vibration and thermal shock. With deep bed filtration and no hidden pores, efficiencies can be 40%-75% while maintaining lower back pressures than ceramic. Let our engineers design the right DPF for your retrofit, aftermarket or OEM applications.



  • • The entire structure is comprised of sintered metal fiber fleeces
  • • Majority of the exhaust gas is filtered by the fleeces while a portion of the exhaust gas flows through the holes located at the outlet end of the filter
  • • Based on application requirements, the opening of the holes can be adjusted to adjust the filtration efficiency and back pressure of the filter
  • • High filtration surface area per volume and hence high stability of filtration efficiency


partial Flow DPF STRUCTURE


FILTRATION EFFICIENCY Testing Results Analysis



Other Shapes And Dimensions Also Available