Sunny-Metal WALL-FLOW DPF      


Our new Sunny-Metal DPF with WALL FLOW construction and versatile packaging is a brilliant choice for future emissions solutions. Our patented design is comprised of high temperature and corrosion resistant sintered metal fleece that will withstand vibration and thermal shock. With deep bed filtration and no hidden pores, efficiencies can exceed 95% while maintaining lower back pressures than ceramic. Let our engineers design the right DPF for your retrofit, aftermarket or OEM applications.


  • • High filtration efficiency, up to 99%
  • • Significantly lower back pressure compared┬áto Ceramics DPF
  • • Much larger effectuve catalyst contact surface area than ceramic material, and maintatins lower back pressure performance even with high catalyst loading
  • • High mechanical strength and durability, and excellent vibration handing capability
  • • High thermal shock resistance capability and thermal durability
  • • The unique fiber microstructure helps to reduce the impact of ash accumulation in the filter channel
  • • Flexible DPF shape and dimension(round, square, long, narrow, oversized...) for easy packaging


    Wall-Flow DPF Structure


    Testing Results Analysis